What are the gear-shifting phenomena of hydraulic pile drivers?

Daily maintenance is really a big thing in everyone's mind. Some careful owners scrub the pile driver every day to keep it in a stable condition, but do you know if his maintenance is appropriate? Today, Havok Machinery Xiaobian selects I will analyze this kind of situation for everyone after I found a lot of high failure probabilities. How about different situations?

1, 1st gear, reverse gear is normal, 2nd gear has no driving force--hydraulic pile driver

First check whether the variable speed crank arm of the hydraulic pile driver is in place. If it is not installed in place, please adjust it again. Then check whether the variable speed pressure gauge is in the second gear to reduce the pressure. If there is pressure oil discharged from the outer field of the 8-shaped bearing end cover of the reducer, if there is water leakage , Tighten the anchor bolts for 4 weeks. If the above method still cannot rule out the removal of the bearing cover, the O-ring and gasket must be removed and replaced. At this time, if there is no pressure oil overflow, the transmission in the gearbox The 2nd gear assembly is not very good. Be sure to hang 2nd gear. At the same time, check whether the 2nd gear outer skeleton seal is damaged, then disassemble the 2nd gear assembly, remove the piston rod, check the engine piston, skeleton seal ring and friction, Check whether the guide pin in the 2nd gear hydraulic cylinder has fallen off. If the guide pin falls off, the pressure oil of the 2nd gear will be discharged here, causing the pressure of the 2nd gear to decrease, which is difficult to do. Therefore, disassemble and replace the hydraulic seal or Repair and replace with new parts.

2, first gear, reverse gear fatigue, 2nd gear driving slow - hydraulic pile driver

First of all, check whether there is any problem with the working pressure indicated by the variable speed pressure gauge of the hydraulic pile driver. If the pressure exceeds 108kpa, lift the accelerator pedal to check the pneumatic; if the vibration is strong, it means that the turbine oil in the gearbox is too dirty or the remaining oil is insufficient. Check the gearbox Whether the oil level check plug can discharge the turbine oil. If the oil drain port is dirty, clean the transmission and the filter element, and then replace with new oil; if the remaining oil is normal, and the pressure gauge of the transmission is normal, the fault is undoubtedly the auxiliary transmission of the transmission The gear and hydraulic input are damaged, so the driving force of the auxiliary transmission gear of the hydraulic torque converter cannot be output, only the driving force of the main transmission gear is output.