Types and structures of hydraulic log grabs attached to excavators

The hydraulic log grab is one of the matching accessories of the excavator. It is deliberately manufactured for the special work needs of the excavator. The main function of obtaining wood is to obtain scrap metal, stone, wood loading and unloading and handling. It can be used in wood factories, power generation Plants, paper mills, wood-based panel factories, forest farms, etc., wood, straw, sand, coal, straw packaging, steel loading and unloading vehicles, stacking and feeding bulk cargo and stacked cargo loading and unloading transportation operations.

Classification of hydraulic wood grabbers: wood harvesters are divided into mechanical harvesters and rotary harvesters; mechanical harvesters do not need to rebuild excavator pipelines and hydraulic systems (low cost); rotary harvesters need to rebuild excavator pipelines and hydraulic systems and achieve 360-degree rotation .

Rotary wood grab classification: There are 2 types: mechanical and hydraulic. The hydraulic type is divided into hydraulic rotary and non-hydraulic rotary. The mechanical fork claw is driven by the bucket cylinder of the excavator, without adding hydraulic valve groups and pipelines. Hydraulic fork When the claw does not rotate, one set of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines should be raised, and two sets of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines should be raised to rotate and control the hydraulic claws.

The rotary wood grab produced by Havok Machinery is made of special steel solid wood, which has good wear resistance and compression resistance, so that users can buy good products at the same price.

Also let’s talk about the structure of the hydraulic wood grabber: Hydraulic motor: imported from the United States, the speed ratio is stable, the torque is large, and the application time is long. Diverter: developed by a well-known Havok company, the flow is very stable, and the diverter No oil leakage. Slewing bearing: my country standard 4A grade slewing bearing is selected, and the high-precision cooperation ensures that the wood grabber is in a high working state. Personalized design, according to the specific requirements of the customer's construction, under the premise of science, the customer's equipment can be adjusted Make local changes to improve construction efficiency.

After talking about the structure, let's take a look at the advantages of this hydraulic wood grabber. First of all, the 360-degree hydraulic rotation provides a more flexible harvesting effect. Secondly, the structure is compact, the weight is light, and the grabbing force is large. There are also connecting rods to ensure two grabs The buckets are synchronized. The end cylinder has a built-in balance valve, which runs smoothly, maintains the clamping force, and is safer.