Reasons for the overturning of hydraulic pile drivers

It can be said that it is relatively common for hydraulic pile drivers to encounter overturning, which is also the running-in time we often say. When a brand-new pile driver is running, the hydraulic hammer is at a high point, and the center of gravity of the left and right sides will be If there is an imbalance, if the application staff hangs the right or left tire too high in the air, the thumping pole will be empty, causing the right or left fuselage to lower, which will increase the deviation of the center of gravity and the If it is unbalanced, the pile driver will overturn.

In addition, there is another reason for overturning, which is related to the application of professional technology. There is no problem with the pile driver. A capsizing situation may occur.

For this matter, whether it is a pile driver or other construction equipment, in order to obtain high-efficiency application and ensure the safety factor of construction, it is necessary to use a sloping plate suitable for transport vehicles or construction machinery, and the sloping plate The angle is set to less than 15 degrees.

To improve the management of the construction site, in addition to strictly prohibiting others from entering the work area, the site also needs a work commander, etc. Do a good job of the work sequence and method discussion in advance, and then clearly inform the relevant professional technology.

hydraulic pile driver

Construction enterprises should pay attention to high-level assembly professional technology. When professional technology is on the job, they should also do a good job in professional technical business training, so that they can fully grasp the specifications, structural characteristics and assembly procedures of new facilities. After all, as my country's construction enterprises There are more and more new building materials and equipment. Only by forging ahead and getting familiar with the characteristics of new facilities can we ensure the quality of assembly. Of course, the professional technology of hydraulic pile drivers should also continuously learn from work and do a good job. Unite and report, so as to further improve the safety and efficiency of construction machinery products.