Breaking hammer abnormal noise factors and solutions

becauseSilent breakerDue to the role of the working environment, there will be abnormalities when using it. For example, when the device is in use, you will hear abnormal noises. What causes this? The following is the relevant introduction of the editor for everyone.

1. If some parts of the breaker splint fail, there may be abnormal noises. Generally speaking, the staff can distinguish the abnormal noises.

2. The gap between the piston rod of the breaking hammer and the cylinder head is too small, and the direct impact. It may also be that the connecting nut of the piston rod of the breaking hammer and the piston rod is loose or tripped, and the end face of the piston rod is plugged with a thread, and the piston rod moves upwards and collides with the cylinder head. , Metal fragments falling into the cylinder and moisture accumulated in the cylinder can cause knocking sounds in the cylinder.

3. The main reason for the abnormal sound is that the exhaust valve of the breaker is broken, the valve spring is soft or damaged, and the load controller is not adjusted properly, etc., which can cause knocking sounds in the valve cavity.

4. The crankshaft bolts, nuts, connecting rod bolts, and cross-head bolts in the crankcase of the breaker are loose, tripped, broken, etc., the shaft diameter is severely worn and the gap increases, and the gap between the cross-head pin and the bushing is too large or the wear is serious There can be a knocking sound in the crankcase.

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