How to correctly control the hydraulic wood grab

The wood grab is a kind of excavator working equipment. The wood grab is a kind of excavator working equipment parts that are specially designed, developed and manufactured for the specific job requirements of the excavator. So how should we correctly control the wood grab? ?

1. When using grabbers to carry out building demolition operations, there is a risk of random collapse of the building, and the demolition work can be carried out from the height of the building.

2. Do not use the gripper as a lever at any time, which will deform the gripper and seriously damage the gripper.

3. It is strictly forbidden to grasp the edge of the rock structure to prevent tearing and damage to the welding position.

4. It is strictly forbidden to operate beyond the specification to prevent damage or tearing.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use the gripper to pull out heavy objects, which will cause great damage to the gripper, and also cause the excavator to be out of balance, resulting in safety accidents.

6. Keep the wooden grab and excavator arm in a vertical position. When the grab is clamped on stones or other objects, do not extend the boom to the maximum, otherwise it will cause the excavator to tip over instantly .

7. When the wood grab is clamped in an iron bucket including reinforced concrete, it is strictly forbidden to move or move.

8. Do not work on the slope, there is a danger of tipping over.

9. Ensure that there are no high-voltage lines in the construction environment and no power lines such as utility poles.

Correct working behavior is not only the maintenance of the equipment, but also the basic guarantee for the safety of the construction team.

The wood grab is made of special steel, which is light in texture, has high elasticity and high wear resistance. The special rotating gear is used to prolong the service life of the product and reduce maintenance costs. Different specifications of wood grab machines can be used for stone work, wood sugar cane work, waste Work, pipe work, garden manipulation, masonry work and all clamping work.