Difficult problems in the application of hydraulic pile drivers and their solutions?

How to deal with it in the construction of the guardrail 1, comprehensively grasp the data information of various facilities and equipment, especially the coordinate positions of various pipelines buried in the roadbed.hydraulic pile driverDo not damage the underground facilities during the construction process. If the depth of underground communication pipes, drainage pipes or the top of the tunnel is not enough, you must adjust the position of the column, or change the fixing method of the column if there is a problem. If there is any problem with the machine, it should be dealt with calmly. Don't go to the hospital for examination blindly. Otherwise, the problem will not be solved, but the mechanical equipment will not work normally, resulting in 3. When the project is delayed, the column is driven too deep, and it is not allowed to pull out the column for correction. Other parts should be pulled out, and the foundation should be compacted before driving, or the position of the column should be adjusted to 4, and the bridge guardrail should be installed with a flange During the operation, pay attention to the positioning of the flange plate and the elevation of the column top 5, and the control of the corrugated guardrail hydraulic pile driver. You may also encounter the phenomena of pile body beating and pile hammer rebounding. The reason is that the pile end encounters obstacles or hard In the soil layer, the pile body bends too long and the drop hammer is too high.

In such a case, the cause should be checked and measures should be taken to allow the pile to pass through or avoid obstacles. If the pile does not go deep into the soil, it should be avoided or hit hard; use a heavy hammer hydraulic pile driver to change the drop. Hammer height troubleshooting step 1, the oil pump does not rotate: the reason is that the oil pump engagement device is not connected, troubleshooting method: step on the clutch, install the oil pump engagement device 2, the multi-way valve does not return to the middle position: the reason is that the return spring is damaged, troubleshooting method What is the replacement of the return spring 3, the multi-way valve is laborious to operate: the reason is that iron filings or dirt enter the valve stem, what is the elimination method to remove the iron filings or dirt.