Advantages of using hydraulic logging machines for excavators

  hydraulic logging machineGenerally, the equipment is imported, and the cost is relatively high. The general forest farm owners or construction contractors cannot afford this cost. The second is that the after-sales service of the equipment is not timely. After all, it takes too long to go back and forth, and the construction period cannot be delayed. The manual felling mode is still used, and it is completed with the assistance of the excavator clamp. The result of this is that the construction is slow, the labor cost is high, and accidental injuries are unavoidable. Individuals need to fell section by section, and the overall cost consumption is relatively high. high.

As for the hydraulic logging machine made in China, not only the price of the machine is affordable, but also the after-sales service is guaranteed, and the maintenance cost is also low. All the current vigorous promotion has also allowed more forest owners and logging cost merchants to see the business prospects and see the joy. , reducing labor costs and overall costs.

Brand Advantages of Hydraulic Logging Machine:

1, The central control hydraulic operation, the random cutting is relatively high.

2, The division is smooth and the noise is low.

3, Quickly remove side branches and small branches.

4, wear-resistant roller crawling, durable.

5, High-strength alloy chain, split quickly.

6, small household, easy to use.

7. The hydraulic logging machine equipment is cheap and affordable, and the whole process is worry-free.