The performance of these hydraulic pile drivers must be understood

Highway hydraulic pile drivers are often used in highway engineering, also known as guardrail pile drivers\/highway guardrail pile drivers. Common pile drivers in construction projects include hydraulic walking diesel hammer pile drivers and high-frequency hydraulic vibration pile drivers 2 kind.

Full hydraulic pile driver is a necessary weapon for road construction companies and engineering teams of all sizes in the installation and maintenance of highway guardrails. This equipment plays a vital role in the installation of highway guardrails in China and at home and abroad. .Since its establishment, it has been mainly engaged in the installation, maintenance, emergency repair of highway guardrails, research and development and production of engineering construction equipment.

The pile driver is stable and stable in performance. It can be self-assembled, self-unloaded, and moved around when it is used in maintenance. The main frame of the upper section can be retracted and folded during transportation, which saves the large-scale costs and troubles of hoisting and disassembly. The pile driver is not only efficient, economical, and easy to use is the customer's choice, but also can meet the construction environment of various rainy and snowy weather and working conditions.

The hydraulic pile driver has been rapidly used in many aspects such as high-speed railway, highway soft foundation treatment, reclamation and bridges, wharf engineering, deep foundation pit support, and foundation treatment of general buildings. This equipment introduces foreign advanced technology, The domestic original hydraulic pile driver with independent intellectual property rights has superior performance. The hydraulic power station is selected as the hydraulic power source, and the high-frequency vibration is generated through the vibration box, so that the pile body can be easily driven into the soil layer. It has low noise, high efficiency and no pollution. , does not damage piles and other advantages. Especially suitable for short and medium pile projects such as municipal, bridges, cofferdams, building foundations, etc. The noise is small and meets urban standards

Product Features

High efficiency: The speed of vibratory pile sinking and pulling is usually 4-7 m\/min, as fast as 12 m\/min (in non-silty soil), and the construction speed is much faster than other piling machines, compared with pneumatic hammer and diesel hammer. More than 40 percent more efficient.

Wide range: not only can not enter the rock, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver is almost suitable for engineering construction in all harsh geological conditions, and can easily penetrate pebble layers, sand layers and other places.

Multiple functions: In addition to the construction of various types of load-bearing piles, the high-frequency hydraulic pile driver can also construct thin-walled anti-seepage walls, deep compaction treatment, ground compaction management and other special engineering constructions.

Environmental protection: small vibration, low noise, no pollution, high-frequency hydraulic pile driver, additionally equipped with noise-reducing power box, can fully meet environmental protection requirements during construction in urban areas.

Wide range of functions: suitable for driving piles of any shape and material, such as steel pipe piles and concrete pipe piles; suitable for all soil layers; suitable for piling, pulling piles and underwater piling; hydraulic pile driver pile operation and suspension operation .