Do you know excavator pulverizer

hydraulicPulverizerNow it is widely used in the demolition industry. It is widely used in the demolition of buildings, factory beams, houses and other buildings, rebar recycling, and concrete crushing. The working efficiency of the crushing tongs is 2 to 3 times that of the breaking hammer, and it can complete a series of operations very well. , the crushing pliers look for Zhizao Daguan.

The hydraulic crushing pliers are composed of a pliers body, a hydraulic cylinder, a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. The pliers body is composed of teeth, blades, and ordinary teeth. The lower jaw pliers are fixed at the front of the pliers body; Crushing teeth, lower small teeth and tooth cutters; the crushing teeth are engaged with the front crushing teeth set on the lower jaw. The upper jaw is connected to the front of the pliers through pins; the bottom of the upper jaw is equipped with upper crushing teeth, and the top of the upper jaw is equipped with an oil cylinder. The oil injection hole and the oil cylinder pass through the upper jaw pliers and the pliers body. There is an oil pipe loading and unloading hole on the top of the pliers body. Both the upper jaw pliers and the lower jaw pliers using the crushing pliers are equipped with crushing teeth, which can crush hard and large concrete blocks. The crushing effect is excellent. good.

The jaws of the crushing pliers are made of a special shape to firmly fix the concrete block, wedge and crush for rapid crushing. The bite gap is small, the operation is flexible, and the large opening design makes the work easy and convenient. The teeth are very strong, It has high wear resistance; the steel bar cutter is equipped with a steel bar cutter, and the crushing pliers can perform two operations at the same time, crushing concrete and cutting exposed steel bars, making the crushing operation more efficient.

Hydraulic crushing tongs are widely used in the static demolition and non-destructive crushing of reinforced concrete. Different connecting plates can be selected according to the thickness of the crushed objects to meet various construction requirements. The crushing tongs have static crushing and no vibration to ensure structural safety. ;No dust, no noise, small broken pieces and easy to remove; Partial demolition can retain steel bars to meet design requirements; Fast and efficient crushing with low cost, suitable for widely used in static crushing, floors, concrete beams, concrete walls, concrete column cornices, stairs Static demolition works such as demolition\/concrete hydraulic crushing tongs, walls, etc.