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Common cleaning agents for maintenance of hydraulic pile drivers

As an industrial equipment, the hydraulic pile driver will inevitably cause damage to it after long-term selection. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain the pile driver on time. So which cleaning agent should be used?

1. Organic solution

It is more common in automobile engine oil, light diesel oil, automobile gasoline, toluene, ethanol and ethyl acetate. By dissolving oil in this way, all kinds of vegetable oils can be melted. The advantage is that it does not generate heat, is easy to select, does not damage metal materials, and has a very good cleaning effect. However, plastic components cannot be cleaned with organic solutions.

2. Chemical water treatment liquid

It is a kind of organic synthetic water-soluble metal cleaning agent. The hydraulic pile driver is equipped with a solution and uses metal cleaning agent as the key surfactant. It has a strong decontamination ability. In addition, there are certain additives in the cleaning agent, which can promote or improve the basic functions of the metal cleaning agent in anti-corrosion, anti-rust treatment, and decarbonization. The standard is to first clean a part of the surface layer of the liquid mixture with a cleaning agent, and then enter the stain and a part of the touch page in the middle. The dust on this part of the surface layer will fall, or a part of the surface layer will produce emulsion and suspension, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

3. Alkaline solution

Alkaline solutions are solutions of alkaline or acidic salts. Use demulsifiers to emulsify and deoil non-saponifiable oil. It is a kind of decontamination cleaning fluid with a wide range of applications. It should be noted that parts with different materials should be cleaned with different cleaning fluids. Alkaline solutions have different degrees of corrosion on metal materials, especially for aluminum. After degreasing, wash away the residual caustic soda solution on the surface with boiling water to avoid corrosion of the components.


The above are the three common cleaning agents related to the maintenance of pile drivers. If you happen to have the purchase requirements of hydraulic pile drivers, log grabs, lotus grabs and other machinery and equipment, you are also welcome to call you anytime, anywhere!