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How to maintain the hydraulic pile driver that has been stored for a long time

In the maintenance of hydraulic pile drivers, the pile drivers that will not be used for a long time should be properly repaired as far as possible to ensure that they are not easily affected when they are used again. How to do it?

Stopped in a dry room and wood floors with solid wood panels. Cover it with cloth and let it sit still to ease or reduce various corrosive effects. Analytical chemistry or electrochemistry on the surface of the metal composite material can cause damage to nearby chemicals and known corrosion conditions. It will not only lead to the basic design of machine equipment and product design, but also continue to corrode mechanical parts again. Such as rainfall, use of external internal and internal industrial equipment gaps, etc., re-corrosion into the safety exit to accelerate the destruction of industrial equipment and chemical substances in the air, and improve equipment failure. The corresponding effective countermeasures are adopted to reduce the service life of the guardrail hammer and the contact of raw materials, which can effectively improve the parts.

Eliminate dust and industrial equipment impurities in the interior. Industrial equipment impurities generally refer to non-metallic chemical substances such as dust and soil layers caused by machinery and equipment in the basic operation process, as well as certain metal composite material slag and destruction chemical substances. If such impurities enter the machinery and equipment and reach the matching surfaces of the machinery and equipment, it will cause relatively serious damage. The hydraulic pile driver not only prevents the relative movement of the parts, but also accelerates the destruction of the parts. It scratches the mating surface again, destroys the grease film, increases the temperature of the parts, and makes the grease mildew.