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Winter maintenance knowledge of hydraulic pile driver

The first replacement of gear oil takes about ten hours, and the second replacement of gear oil takes one hundred hours. IfHydraulic pile driverIn hot weather, the gear oil can be replaced 90 hours earlier. If the temperature is colder, it can be increased to 130 hours.

The content of gear oil should not be too thick, reduce the content as much as possible, and increase it after mixing it with automobile oil as much as possible.

Level 2 vibration is only suitable for ten seconds up and down. Normally, hard soil can be beaten in under this vibration force, but not hard. This is very easy to cause high temperature of the shell and damage to the shaft sleeve. What is more serious is that The eccentric gear set is broken.

Seals need to be heated before working at -40°C.

The office environment of hydraulic pile drivers is usually harsh, and it is easy to cause common failures. In order to better eliminate common failure risks and reduce maintenance and repair, it is necessary to perform normal and normal maintenance and timing.

1. Daily maintenance and timing

1) The pile driver is kept clean. After each shift, the oil stains, dust, rust, and water stains on the hammer body and the power station must be wiped off.

2) All standard parts should be checked frequently to maintain a solid and reliable connection to each other.

3) All smooth points should be smoothed according to smoothing regulations.

4) The hydraulic oil in the oil tank should maintain a normal level gauge, and the temperature should be maintained at a normal level. Check the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil from time to time and place it in environmental pollution.

5) Always check for water seepage in the hydraulic oil tank. If the water seepage causes the hydraulic oil to emulsify, immediately remove the water or replace the hydraulic oil.

6) Check whether each instrument panel is stable and normal, or it should be overhauled or replaced.

7) Check if there is oil leakage in the oil passage system, and deal with it properly.

8) Check whether the oil tank and cooling water tank level gauge is normal. If the level gauge is too low, please replenish it.

2. Normal maintenance and timing

Always flush the oil tank and replace the hydraulic oil. The running-in time lasted for five hundred hours. After 3 months, it was replaced for the second time, and in the ninth month for the third time. Subsequent replacement time depends on the situation.

3. Application and timing of running-in time.

1) One hundred hours of operation is the running-in time. The running-in time should be used carefully, and the load should not be too large. The application of the running-in time will have a great hazard to the service life of the equipment.

2) After working for 50 hours, the hydraulic oil should be checked for cleanliness index not less than 18/15. At the same time, check and flush the oil inlet and return oil filters, and then flush or flush every two hundred hours. Replace it once and pay attention to whether the plastic or asbestos sealing ring is damaged. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.