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How to strengthen the maintenance management and control of hydraulic pile driver facilities

Maintenance and overhaul of facilitiesHydraulic pile driverIt is very critical in the application of facilities. Because the application of the facility is actually operated by the construction team, frequent maintenance and maintenance will not only benefit the safety of the construction team, but also increase the service life of the facility.

The maintenance and overhaul of facilities are very critical in facility applications. Because the application of the facility is actually operated by the construction team, and it is often overhauled and maintained, not only the safety of the construction team, but also the increase in the service life of the facility.

(1) Improve the management and control methods of equipment maintenance, and strengthen the management and control of the application and maintenance of pile driver facilities. Under the current circumstances, the company should attach great importance to the shaping of the technology and literacy of the employees in the application, maintenance and overhaul of facilities, and further improve the selection of level 3 maintenance, spot inspections, shift inspections, regular inspections and inspections, and work handovers. Work system created by culture. The coal industry should make maintenance management decisions based on the basic theories of contemporary maintenance, field characteristics, facility characteristics, office environment, and the efficacy of facilities in coal manufacturing, and improve the work system of equipment maintenance management and strictly abide by it; selection includes post-maintenance Appropriate maintenance methods such as preventive maintenance, plan pre-repair and conditional maintenance, etc., gradually improve a reasonable new-style maintenance management mechanism with characteristics of the coal industry.

(2) Equipment maintenance, management and overhaul work system. The maintenance management plan should be based on the facility operation manual, the facility operation file data as the basis, and the on-time program maintenance work system formulated according to the service life of the parts, such as: the facility operation file data shows that the lining service life of the slurry pump is 1000h , Then the maintenance cycle time of the lining plan of this facility is 980h, which can manipulate the common faults of the facility in the germination link. The operation files of all facilities are sorted out, classified, and analyzed, and the monthly summary, quarterly, and annual facility maintenance plans are formulated through the facility manual and monthly facility operation time. Because of the particularity of the overhaul operation of hydraulic pile driver facilities. The overhaul operations are divided into on-site overhaul and plan overhaul. On-site maintenance is based on the maintenance requirements proposed by the electromechanical personnel on duty in the operation of the facility. It is this passive maintenance; the program maintenance is a preventive maintenance, which is a way to ensure the function and integrity of the facility. Key operations. Therefore, the program maintenance is the key to the maintenance operation, and the management aspect should be the key to the program maintenance.

(3) Implement green maintenance. The green maintenance of hydraulic pile driver is a contemporary maintenance method with comprehensive environmental factors and resource utilization. Its purpose is to achieve the goal of sustainable development in addition to maintaining the requirements of repairing goods. After the product is overhauled and until the product is scrapped, it is necessary to maintain and repair the original requirements of the product, and to make the original and hazardous exhaust gas emission small, that is, the adverse effect on the condition is small, and the employee (overhaul) Workers and users) have good labor protection, but also need to make the resource utilization rate high.