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Problems to pay attention to when using crushing tongs

The crusher is a key component of the excavator, and it is also an indispensable component in the field of house demolition. Its production greatly reduces the work pressure of the house demolition staff. In the past, housing demolition required everyone. Take a hammer and a shovel for yourself. At present, you only need to control the facilities. However, although it is convenient to use, there are several areas that you need to pay attention to. Let me briefly introduce these multiple areas for everyone.

1. It is necessary to check whether the high-pressure pipe joint and nut connecting the oil cylinder and the pump room are tightened before operation to prevent the pliers from falling down and hurting pedestrians. When the construction is suspended, there is no need to disassemble and connect the rubber hose. Before maintenance and construction, the connectors should be cleaned and tidy before installation to prevent dust from entering the hydraulic circuit and causing the hydraulic circuit and the hydraulic system in the hydraulic system to be destroyed.

2. Before the gasoline pump is running, check whether the oil level is above the center line of the fuel mark. If there is a shortage of fuel, fill it up immediately to avoid the gasoline pump from being emptied. One hundred and twenty filters are required to filter out the residues in the oil when supplying oil. The oil return separator must be cleaned every month, and the oil tank must be cleaned once every three months and the new oil must be replaced; manual hydraulic reversal is required before the motor is running. The valve should be placed in the neutral position to avoid running the gasoline pump with load. Start the motor lightly for a few times, and then turn the hydraulic reversing valve to supply oil to the system after the pump sucks oil normally. The commonly used hydraulic oil in the pump room is YB-N32. If the temperature is less than 10℃, it needs to be changed to YB-N22; if the temperature exceeds 40℃, it needs to be changed to YB-N46.

3. The pulverizer pump should be repaired once every half a year. Any spare parts on the pump must be cleaned and tidy with kerosene. It is also necessary to pay attention to ensure that the surface layers are compatible with each other. Do not bump and bump at will. After installation, all operating parts should operate. Handy, no local jamming.

4. The high-pressure tubing will age after being used for a long time, so it should be checked frequently. In the high pressure test, if there is a leakage protrusion or blasting, it needs to be dismantled and replaced immediately. Secondly, when high pressure oil pipes are used, they should avoid price reduction or sharp bends. At the same time, they should not be too close to the rubber hose to avoid blasting. Employee injury.

5. Before moving the equipment, check whether the handle is working and whether the hook connection is reliable. During construction, there must be sufficient working space to avoid hurting pedestrians or destroying facilities.

The above are several aspects that need to be paid attention to in the application of smashing tongs. Any thing is two-sided. At the same time, it frees labor and also causes employee damage due to minor problems. Therefore, there are many problems before the operation of the facility. This kind of inspection must not be lacking.