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Installation and adjustment process of excavator vibratory rammer

The installation and adjustment process of the excavator vibratory rammer:

1. Slowly install the forearm head between the bucket ears, connect the auxiliary connecting rod, and the pin is stable.

2. The oil inlet and outlet pipes are connected with the oil inlet hole of the breaker pipeline according to the oil inlet P port, the oil outlet port is connected with its oil return channel T, and the motor overflow port is connected with the hydraulic oil tank.

3. Make sure that any pipelines are all leveled and leveled, and there should be no steep bends. Make sure that they are vertical as much as possible. The choice of hydraulic vibratory rammers for excavators.

4. Adjust the working pressure and the total flow between the specified areas, connect the air pressure gauge to the end of the P port, run the excavator to step on the bar valve, turn the adjusting screw clockwise, the working pressure will expand, and vice versa.

5. When working, put the working table of the ramming body lightly on the working surface, lightly step on the pedal valve, and gradually hit the working table with a small total flow. Then, gradually increase the total flow, and slowly press down the forearm, without too much reaction force, otherwise the vibrating ram will be easily damaged.

6. When compacting particulate chemicals, the vibrating ram should be placed flat on the working surface, and the forearm does not need to increase energy. Then increase the intensity and use the total flow of large and small to compact, and the effect will be better.