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The way of inspection and maintenance of hydraulic steel grabber

The stability and service life of the hydraulic steel grabbing machine are interfered by many reasons. In addition to its own quality, it is inextricably linked with the application of consumers, maintenance and maintenance. Inspection and immediate maintenance are to make the application of machine equipment more efficient. It is a good way to increase the service life for smoothness, but the inspection and maintenance are also simplified. In other words, there are regulations. It is not to say that it is easy to take a look and touch it. It is an inspection. Let us understand the machine together How to check and maintain equipment.

(1) In the case of inspection and maintenance, it is stipulated that the steel grabber should be placed on the smooth road, the operating equipment should be put down, and the diesel engine should be turned off;

(2) Turn off the leading safety buckle, that is, disconnect the leading control circuit, and then carry out maintenance operations;

(3) The temperature of the hydraulic oil after the operation is very high. To maintain the hydraulic oil and sealing, it cannot be disassembled immediately when oil is supplied or unloaded. It is stipulated that the diesel engine should be turned off first, and then the main rocker is used to relieve pressure, and maintenance can be carried out later. Maintenance. Be careful not to touch the oil pipe, otherwise it may cause burns;

(4) The hydraulic transmission system valve and load valve of the hydraulic steel grabbing machine have already been adjusted before leaving the factory, and cannot be modified arbitrarily to avoid accidents;

(5) Try to avoid carrying out maintenance operations on slopes, because the steel grabbing machine may move or turn back when the weight of the car body is very large;

(6) When disassembling hydraulic parts, it is stipulated to avoid dust and other dirt from mixing into the hydraulic transmission system, which will cause damage to the connecting surface. If damage occurs, it must be repaired as soon as possible to maintain the original accuracy;

(7) The hydraulic steel grabbing machine should be cleaned and cleaned when disassembling the connector, and the sealing ring should not be damaged or installed less. Be careful when installing the plastic hose, so that it cannot be bent;