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The reason for the discoloration of hydraulic piling oil

During the whole application process of the hydraulic pile driver, along with the force of the mechanical parts, friction usually occurs in different levels of common fault conditions. As an indispensable material for the application of the pile driver, the abnormal conditions of the gear oil are also very extensive. After using the pile driver for a corresponding time, you will find that the color of the hydraulic cylinder will change. It is dark blue at first, and the color will become darker and blue-purple with time, and may even become gray-black.

This kind of oil discoloration is actually a layer of colored film on the surface of the hydraulic cylinder, which has no effect on the pile driver and the hydraulic cylinder itself. Today, everyone will briefly talk about the oil of the pile driver for everyone. because of fear.

According to the difference in color change, everyone can analyze the reason for the discoloration. The blue color is caused by the oil seal and the additives in the gear oil being adsorbed on the hydraulic cylinder rod under continuous high temperature; the blackening is due to the wear-resistant sleeve. Lead-containing additives in the spray are adsorbed on the hydraulic cylinder rod under continuous high temperature.

There are some misconceptions about the fear of hydraulic piling oil products. For example, if the oil quality turns black, it means that the lubricating oil has undergone qualitative changes. Today's gear oil has added certain kinds of additives to improve its performance indicators. It is a common situation that the internal combustion engine lubricating oil of wetting agent turns black after a period of application, and it is not necessary to think that "the oil has changed in quality" and be hastily replaced; the addition of additives usually causes the bearing surface of the pile driver to develop during the whole process of application. Black, this is also a conventional situation. Therefore, when we distinguish whether the lubricating oil has undergone qualitative change, we cannot distinguish it by visual effects alone, but strengthen comprehensive analysis. In some cases, we should strengthen the inspection and inspection of the oil to ensure that the oil is changed according to the quality.

Everyone may have the habit of daily maintenance, but if the gear oil for non-hydraulic pile drivers is replaced, the color may fade within a few days. This may be due to the high temperature of the gear oil of different brands and types. The quality and performance indicators of grease anti-wear additives are different.