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Common problems and solutions of breakers

1, the frequency is like

There are many factors like the frequency of the silent breaker, such as insufficient pressure or total flow of the hydraulic transmission system, loose total flow, damaged seals, environmental pollution of hydraulic oil and its valve problems.

Solution: Check the oil pump of the equipment, adjust the high or low steam pressure and total flow to complete the operation of the hammer; check the oil passage of the equipment to prevent the pipeline from being blocked and interfere with the impact frequency of the facility; Parts. Tighten the total flow and stabilize the total flow.

2, the intensity is like

The strength is like due to oil leakage, insufficient stroke arrangement of the operating bolts of the facility, blockage of the oil passages and excessive temperature. This will cause the impact force of the facility to be reduced, the impact stroke is not enough, and the overall working function is like.

Solution: Check and adjust the pressure of the hydraulic transmission system and nitrogen gas. If the sealing of the parts is not good, the parts can be crushed or replaced to clean the hydraulic press pipeline.

3, does not operate continuously

3 key examples of low-sustainability of silent breaker action. First, car oil passages are blocked, which results in poor car oil supply, and the piston rod cannot get a smooth driving force. Insufficient pressure in the hydraulic transmission system , The position of the hydraulic reversing valve is incorrect, the piston rod is stuck, the problem of the stop valve, etc., resulting in problems such as electric shock and stagnation. Then the adhesion of the total flow occurs, which will interfere with the continuity and regularity of the hydraulic breaker.

Solution: Check the hydraulic oil control circuit, and immediately clean or replace the stuck parts; key to check the position of the oil pipe interface, hydraulic reversing valve, stop valve and piston rod; check and adjust the total flow, what is the problem? The total flow of the problem should be polished by sanding discs or sharpeners, and immediately add lubricating oil.

4, oil seepage

The key factor for oil leakage is the excessive damage of the sealing ring and other parts, resulting in poor sealing function. The automobile oil connection is loose.

Solution: According to the specific address of the oil leakage, remove and replace the corresponding sealing ring and tighten the high-pressure hose.

5. Abnormal vibration occurs in the oil pipeline of the facility

The leaking diaphragm of the accumulator is damaged, and the pressure of nitrogen in the hammer handle body is like .

Solution: Check the pressure of the accumulator. If the silent breaker cannot maintain the standard pressure, please check whether the diaphragm is damaged. In addition, the nitrogen pressure of the hydraulic breaker should be adjusted to balance it.