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Factors Analysis of Overturning of Multipurpose Hydraulic Pile Driver

Although multipurposehydraulic pile driverIt has undergone a variety of formulation considerations, but because the relative height of its operation reaches a relative height of 20 meters or even 30 meters, and then a little slack, this will cause the force to be unbalanced and cause overturning misfortune. So what is the reason for the overturning?

1, The site migration and drilling rig imbalance that caused capsizing during the tour period.

When driving in a geological structure with asymmetrical hardness and softness, it is very easy to cause one side of the guide rail to move down, and the center of gravity of the car is out of alignment, resulting in an overturning accident.

Solution: Conduct pre-research on the multi-purpose pile driver route to lay the foundation for soft layer, compaction, and even steel plates. For the road covered by sludge, you can use the excavator to make the road, and then drive the multi-purpose hydraulic pile driver safely. Accuracy was clarified before.

2. The deformation of the pile position in the engineering construction process causes the ground to collapse and cause overturning.

During the drilling process, due to the collapse of the pile hole, the soil under the crawler of the multi-purpose pile driver becomes loose, causing the unbalanced center of gravity of the whole machine and overturning. Oscillation of the soil will also cause instability of the soil layer, causing the risk of overturning.

Solution: Detect the condition of the pile holes in the construction in advance, avoid the oscillation effect of the collapsed holes, etc., and pay close attention to the transformation of the geological structure in the construction process, and take effective measures to interfere in time.

3. The overturn accident occurs when the multi-purpose pile driver is transporting the cart up and down.

Multi-purpose pile drivers were also abandoned when getting on and off, but based on incomplete statistical analysis, the proportion did not exceed 5 percent. The first 2 factors are specific factors.

Solution: First check whether the trailer is in compliance with the overall width of the multi-purpose pile driver. In addition, please read the article before the operation and maintenance manual of the vehicle is larger than the relevant content. If it is a new operation, please consult the old operator for specific instructions , and should not be reckless, there are similar articles about the prevention of multi-purpose hydraulic pile drivers from overturning in the process of using more than .