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The origin of hydraulic wood grabber and the advantages of wood grabber transformation

The excavator hydraulic wood grab is a new attachment of the excavator and an extended application of the excavator. It cooperates with the bucket to grab, clamp and other postures without harming the function and use of the excavator, and respond quickly. Cooperate with the excavator The different work flow, integrated into different operations, the installation is simple and convenient, the operation process is convenient and fast, and the cost performance is high.

Origin of excavator wood grabber:

We all know that the loading, unloading and handling are all carried out by human resources at the beginning, and then due to human resources operations, the demand for many operating situations cannot be met, so it is based on the production of hydraulic wood grabbers for excavators. The wood grabber belongs to the An excavator is a kind of working equipment, which is opened and closed according to the hydraulic function according to its claws, and can be used for transportation operations. Its main function is to carry out all, all, reed leaves, wheat grass and various splines. Loading, unloading, handling and transportation of raw materials. It is widely used in mountains, large farms, seaports, etc.

According to the data and information of consumers, one wood grabber is equivalent to 50-60 manpower. The reconstruction of the excavator wood grabber not only reduces the consumption of human resources, but also strengthens the work efficiency, and also strengthens the safety performance of the work process. It has received the same praise. Many of this wood grabber is used for loading, unloading, handling and transportation in paper product factories, flower and tree farms, etc. Small and medium-sized wood grabbers are suitable for loading.

Top 6 benefits of a wood grabber retrofit:

1, for loading, unloading and handling are all but the program design

2, Greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading

3, using hydraulic basis

4, save human resources

5, to ensure safety performance

6, convenient and quick operation process

Excavator wood grabber transformation technical description: hydraulic wood grabber parts and components production and processing of hydraulic cylinders, track shoes, tooth seats, axle pins, crankshafts, bushings and other parts. Goods are sold all over my country and Southeast Asia. Clip wooden furniture The controller can continuously rotate 360 ​​degrees, which can ensure the accurate positioning of common tools. The double hydraulic cylinder is used to ensure sufficient tension, the structure is firm, the opening and closing time of the grab crane is shorter, the speed is faster, and the operation efficiency is high. Large farm work.