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Several disadvantages of hydraulic pile driver lubricating oil

As a common industrial equipment in road engineering, the pile driver is used more and more in engineering projects. At the same time, our concept of equipment maintenance is gradually enhanced, and the key to the maintenance of the pile driver is a lot of lubricating oil. Today, the author will sort out the 4 common drawbacks of the relevant pile driver lubricants for us, and see if you are moving - hydraulic pile driver.

Disadvantage 1, we all know that if the oil level is not enough in the lubrication engineering project, it will cause lubrication indication and equipment safety accidents. Therefore, many businesses report the working principle of more than less when adding lubricating oil.

In fact, this kind of view is not standardized, because if there is too much lubricating oil, it will not only increase the functional loss of the crankshaft due to the increased resistance to rotation, but also form oil bubbles, emulsification and leakage, causing lubrication problems.

Disadvantage 2, the blackening of the lubricating oil indicates that the lubricating oil is not good

In order to better enhance its lubricating performance, contemporary lubricating oils are added with various kinds of appropriate additives. It is a normal situation for internal combustion mechanical lubricating oils to be applied with descaling dispersants to turn black after application, and it cannot be considered that "the oil has changed in quality" ", very easy to replace; the lubricating oil with additives can make the surface of the shaft sleeve black during the application process, which is also a normal situation. Therefore, when distinguishing whether the lubricating oil is qualitatively changed, it cannot be distinguished only by visual effects. Realize all-round analysis. Oil should be continuously experimented when the situation can, and replaced according to the quality.

Deviation 3, according to the stable transformation of the reservoir

When the hydraulic pile driver just bought a related maintenance equipment, the oil change cycle time is indicated above. Many project businessmen think that the oil change only needs to be replaced according to the standard and there should be no problem. In fact, it is not. In the equipment we just bought, In terms of function, it is good. Of course, the oil change can be realized according to the law, but when the equipment is used for a certain period of time, because the damage to the parts is getting bigger and bigger, it is not possible to walk in place according to its own actual situation during lubrication.