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360 Degree Rotation Hydraulic Log Grabber Assembly Instructions

1. Please effectively select the hydraulic wood grabber and iron grabber that your car and work must match to prevent unreasonable selection from interfering with efficiency.

2. Before installing the machine, please confirm whether the various specifications are in line with the specifications of your excavator, and then you can connect the wood grabber to the excavator.

3, Hydraulic pipeline assembly

(1) Gradually stabilize the common pipe of the wood grabber from the front of the arm, and after leaving the movement capacity, it is firmly associated with the excavator arm and the boom.

(2) Select the effective part of the double valve to connect with the excavator, and fasten the pipe of the wood grabbing machine to it, and the oil inlet and outlet are led out from the reserved valve of the excavator and fastened to it.

4, Hydraulic wood grabber pilot pipe assembly

(1) First select an effective part in the cab to stabilize the pedal valve.

(2) Connect the oil inlet and outlet of the pedal valve to the pilot oil, there are 2 oil holes on the side of the pedal valve, the upper part is the return oil and the lower part is the oil inlet.

(3) The adjustment of the data signal oil must be 3 shuttle valves to adjust the reserved valve at the same time.

5. After the assembly is completed, please check all the pipe joints. If there is no looseness or wrong connection, you can test the drive.

6. Run the car and listen to whether the engine is abnormal. If there is black smoke or the car is stuck, please check whether the oil passage is wrongly connected.

7. Hydraulic wood grabber application: The initial application of the wood grabber rotation inspection should be filled with lubricating grease, and then refilled once in each shift to increase the service life of the rotation inspection. The overloaded application and violent impact of the product are prohibited.