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The composition and purchase reasons of hydraulic wood grabber

The composition of hydraulic wood grabber

1 Hydraulic parts of hydraulic wood grabber: excavator wood grabber, hydraulic pump, main pressure regulating valve, hydraulic cylinder, transmission system, torque converter, rotary motor, etc.

2 Engine parts: automotive engine and fiber optic parts, piston rod, engine piston, engine block, cylinder head, engine crankshaft, turbocharger, fuel injection pump, starter motor and alternator, etc.

3 Car chassis parts: rollers, chain rollers, chain rails, track shoes, sprockets, idler and idler seat pads, solenoid control boards, tracks, etc.

4 Cab parts: cab assembly, electronic wiring harness, display screen, control panel, seat, door leaf, etc.

5 Welding parts: excavator bucket, soil turning, grab crane, clamshell type, milling distance, squeeze bucket, bulldozer ripper assembly, leaves, etc.

Why choose a hydraulic wood grabber?

Choose hydraulic excavator wood grabber, cost-effective and labor-saving

The wide opening has a total width and light weight, which is not only reflected in the transfer of iron bars, but also maximizes the management efficiency of light weight.

Endless clockwise and counterclockwise 360 ​​turns.

The durability of the uniquely formulated combined bearing and the larger cylinder are more right.

The closed-type check valve is placed in the use value of cardiac arrest from destruction with a stronger safety factor.

Wear-resistant special solid steel is used and no additional fixing requirements are required.

Depending on the actual working environment, the flexible choice can adjust the rotation speed.Versatile applications, including stone transfer, wood, rattan, pipe, disposable waste, landscaping works and many others.