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How to clean and maintain the oil tank of hydraulic pile driver?

  hydraulic pile driverIn the process of use, regular maintenance should be done so that the equipment can operate normally and improve efficiency. As a driving equipment, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hydraulic transmission system, especially the hydraulic oil, because the liquid is the working medium that transmits motion and power. Therefore, it is necessary to check the oil level of the oil tank to ensure that the oil level and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil in the oil tank are sufficient.

The hydraulic pile driver ensures the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil in the oil tank and maintains it regularly. If there is environmental pollution, it will affect the normal operation and service life of the hydraulic transmission system. If the components are damaged, it will block the small holes and gaps of the valve, and it will also cause the oil filter to block, causing damage to the valve function and even failure. oil quantity.

How should the hydraulic pile driver be cleaned? First of all, when the pile driver runs for 400 hours, the oil tank should be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning, remove the oil drain plug, wait for the hydraulic oil to be completely drained, then install the oil plug, take out Clean the filter screen in the air filter and put it back on. Because the hydraulic oil filter element is welded with steel plates, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the components in the blind area, and be careful when cleaning, so as not to damage the thick steel plate and accessories, and the integrity of their welds .After the above process is over, add hydraulic oil to more than half of the oil tank, drain it again, clean and replace the oil filter screen again, assemble the oil plug and fill it with hydraulic oil. Always check the gas cleaning filter device and filter element, and do a good job Repair and maintenance of various accessories.