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Cleaning agent for maintenance of hydraulic pile driver

As a kind of industrial equipment, the hydraulic pile driver can also be damaged in long-term operation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and protect the hydraulic pile driver in time. So what should we do?
1. Hydraulic pile driver - organic solution
Most of them are engine oil, light diesel oil, gasoline, acetone, alcohol and 3-chloroethylene. Dissolving oil in this way can dissolve all kinds of grease. The utility model does not need to be heated, the application is simple, and the cleaning effect is obvious. However, the plastic Parts should not be cleaned with organic solutions.
2. Hydraulic pile driver - chemical water treatment
In the cleaning liquid, it can promote or increase the general anti-corrosion, anti-rust treatment and carburizing effect of industrial cleaning agents. The basic principle is to first clean the wet surface area mixed with the liquid with detergent, and then enter the interface area. The dust on the surface of the parts falls, or the surface parts produce emulsion, which floats down to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
3. Hydraulic pile driver - alkaline solution
Emulsify unsaponifiable oil with emulsifier. It is a widely used detergent. It should be noted that different cleaning solutions should be used for cleaning. After deoiling, use boiling water to wash off the residual caustic soda solution on the surface.