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Application scope of hydraulic pile driver

  hydraulic pile driverCan break through such piles like cast-in-situ piles, cast-in-situ piles, etc., which can be divided into circular and square shapes.

Our own hydraulic piling breakers are widely used in fast railway tunnels and industrial building pile foundation projects.

Generally speaking, the hydraulic wheel pile crusher can break through the pile diameter from 600-800mm and the hydraulic square pile crusher is suitable for the square pile from 300-650mm. Our own machines can meet the construction requirements of various large-scale infrastructure.

Excavator hydraulic pile driver spare parts are used to adjust and manipulate air compression pressure, and flow direction components to ensure that the control components work according to the required procedures and characteristics. There are many types of pneumatic control components, except for ordinary pressure regulating valves, In addition to the three types of valves, the flow regulating valve and the directional control valve, it also includes various logic components and jet components. The pressure of the compressed air input into the cylinder can be adjusted by the pressure regulating valve according to the load. Excavator The extension rate of the cylinder of the pile driver can be controlled by the flow regulating valve. The auxiliary components of the hydraulic pile driver refer to the lubrication of the internal structure of the hydraulic pile driver, the removal of noise, the realization of the gradual connection of the elements and their data conversion, indicating that the larger , Various pneumatic components required for inspection, such as filter devices, pneumatic 3-pieces, mufflers, pressure controllers, various pipe fittings and joints, vapor-liquid converters, pneumatic display screens, pneumatic sensors Wait.