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How to maintain the hydraulic pile driver in high temperature weather?

The working atmosphere of hydraulic pile drivers is usually outside. Now it is summer with high temperature and more precipitation, and the air is relatively hot and humid, which is prone to many problems such as rust, which will aggravate the damage of various parts of the mechanical equipment, and even interfere with the normal operation of the machine. Start. Faced with this situation, how to properly and reasonably maintain it?

The hydraulic pile driver needs to clean the mechanical equipment after each use, especially after the rain, mainly to clean all parts of the pile driver, remember not to ignore the chassis of the car. The precipitation contains impurities and corrosion, which will cause the mechanical equipment to rust. There may even be looseness and perforation. Regularly check whether there is any missing or worn condition for each bolt and component, and deal with the waterlogged area in time to prevent rust from interfering with the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

The hydraulic pile driver is washed by rainwater, and the mechanical equipment will leave acidic corrosion and sludge. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the paint surface and parts of the pile driver will be corroded. Therefore, the anti-rust paint surface of the mechanical equipment should be repaired before the rainy season , You can use waxing or sealing glaze to protect the shell. If the start-up failure occurs after rain, it is mostly because the ignition system is damp, so it is necessary to do a good job of precipitation protection for the start-up system.