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Construction safety measures of hydraulic log grab

The hydraulic wood grab is reciprocating and fast impacting, the oil return rate is faster and the pulse is large, so the hydraulic oil will age faster, and the wood grab system will be destroyed accordingly. What should we do when we use the wood grab What about protecting it?

Using high-quality hydraulic log grabs, counterfeit and shoddy products may have problems due to various conditions, so the incidence of common failures will be higher, and it is easy to cause damage to the excavator itself.

With appropriate engine power, the hydraulic wood grab has low requirements for working pressure and flow, and the accelerator pedal can operate at a moderate level. If the accelerator pedal is too large, it will not only not improve, but will have a very large penalty, so hydraulic pressure will also occur. The phenomenon of abnormal oil temperature rise will cause damage to the hydraulic system.

The attitude of buttering must be accurate, and the working frequency and the total number should be correct as much as possible. The lubricating oil must be replenished when the steel drill is straightened, and it should be filled every 2 hours. The lubricating oil should be replenished when the drill rod is in the air. Grease will enter the impact chamber, and abnormal conditions will occur, which will directly destroy the hydraulic pump.

The amount of hydraulic oil also has environmental pollution: clarify the pollution status of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic wood grab as early as possible. Cavitation will occur when the hydraulic oil drops, which will cause common failures of the hydraulic pump and cause damage to the piston cylinder, etc. Therefore, it should be used every day. Check oil level.

Ensure the supervision and cleaning of the wood grabber. When assembling the wood grabber, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the pipeline, and do a good job in the circulation of the inlet and outlet oil circuits. When replacing the bucket, it is necessary to block the wood grabber pipeline to maintain the cleaning of the pipeline.

Replace the oil seal in time. The oil seal is a consumable part, so the hydraulic wood grabber needs to be replaced every time it runs for 600h to 800h. When the oil seal leaks oil, stop the operation immediately and replace it, otherwise Dust can easily enter the hydraulic system and damage related parts.