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Key points for short-term and long-term storage of silent breakers

  Silent breakerShort-term storage (cannot be used for about 1 month)

1) General storage standards

The whole breaker must be placed in a dry and ventilated area. If it is only stored outdoors, the breaker must be covered with plastic cloth or tarpaulin to avoid the influence of air temperature, dust and moisture.

2) Short-term storage

If the hammer is only stored for a short period of two weeks, it can be stored flat in a dry and ventilated area.

3) The main reason for the damage caused by long-term storage

①Dust damage

The rear part of the breaker piston rod is often exposed to gas, moisture in the air, O2 and dust are all damage to the piston rod. Corrosion is an important cause of oil leakage and obvious failure.

②Variation of sealing ring of oil cylinder of silent breaker

If the breaker is stored for more than one year, the weight of the piston rod will also cause deformation of the seal ring. If the seal ring is deformed or damaged, then the breaker cylinder and the piston rod may come into contact (metal contact failure), causing the piston The rod and cylinder are damaged at the same time.

4) Standards for long-term storage of breakers (cannot be used for about 3 months)

If the storage time exceeds 2 weeks, please store the breaker according to the following procedures:

(1) The drill rod must be taken out.

(2) The rear body nitrogen must be completely discharged.

(3) The breaker must be stored vertically so that the piston rod is located on the upward stroke to ensure the leakage range of the piston rod. A three-dimensional bracket can be used. Refer to the figure below.

(4) The bottom of the piston rod, drill rod and sheath must be protected with butter and anti-rust oil.

(5) All hydraulic interfaces must be sealed with clean plugs to avoid leakage and contamination of hydraulic oil.

(6) The breaker must be stored in a dry place.

(7) If it is difficult for the silent breaker to do all the above, please turn it on for 5 minutes every week. The bottom of the piston rod should be coated with butter to avoid dust pollution.