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The main reason for choosing a hydraulic log grab

Choose hydraulic wood grab hydraulic excavator wood grab, cheap and labor-saving

Wide mouth width, light weight, not only highlighted in the handover iron rod but also as light as possible to use efficiency.

Endless clockwise and counterclockwise 360 ​​rotations.

Unique customized slewing bearings for durability and larger cylinders for more power.

The closed type of check valve is built in, which means stronger safety from damage and stronger safety shock.

Application of wear-resistant special solid steel and no additional fixing standard.

The competitiveness of excavator hydraulic log grab and hydraulic shear: jaw size and distinctive blades are formulated to improve production efficiency.

All hydraulic shear series products can quickly and easily replace blades, which can reduce shutdown time and improve production. The main force is strong hydraulic cylinder to strengthen the jaw closing force, which can reduce the quenching steel hydraulic shear series products are made of high steel grade to ensure the wear resistance of tools Highly durable, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant Formulated fully enclosed, steel structure, dedicated to clearing or reducing any twisting or bending.

Excavator Hydraulic Shear Quality Mobile Scrap Metal Shear Hydraulic Excavator Shear for sale is mainly suitable for manipulation, including breaking steel structures, scrap steel processing and other applications, cutting iron materials, steel, box pipes, etc., with unique design and innovative methods To ensure effective operation and strong cutting force, more than 15% of the general hydraulic shear characteristics.

Flexible selection can control the rotation speed.Versatile applications depending on the working environment of the hydraulic log grapple, including stone transfer, wood, rattan, pipe, disposable waste, landscaping works and many others.