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Advantages of excavator vibratory rammer

Excavator vibratory rammers belong to excavator equipment and are used to compact road surfaces, flat surfaces, slopes, steps, pipe trenches, dents, edges, abutment backs, etc. How should we choose vibratory rammers correctly?

First, pay attention to the motor of the vibrating rammer, because its quality is directly related to the use effect and service life of the vibrating rammer

2. The area of ​​the ramming plate of the vibrating rammer is not as high as possible. If the area of ​​the ramming plate is too large, the motor will not be able to bear it, which will easily increase the failure rate of the equipment. Board area

3. Whether the bearings in the host are imported or not, the centrifugal force in China is easy to cause the balls to break and slide

4. Assembly and processing accuracy. There is an eccentric wheel in the main body of the excavator vibratory rammer. The rotation of the eccentric wheel must ensure that the concentricity is not greater than 0.001mm, otherwise it is easy to get stuck and not start.

5. The oil seal must be imported. The rotation of the eccentric wheel during work can easily cause the temperature of the coolant to rise. The oil seal with poor quality is prone to premature aging and oil leakage.

6. Whether there is a control valve in the main engine. The leading role of this valve is to protect the motor and protect against overvoltage. In addition, if the customer feels that the energy is slightly larger or smaller, it can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Excavator vibratory rammers are mainly used for materials with relatively small cohesiveness and sliding friction between compacted particles, such as river sand, gravel and asphalt. The bill of quantities is very large, so you must keep your eyes open when purchasing .