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Practical operation specification procedure of hydraulic pile driver

1. Operators of hydraulic pile drivers need to undergo technical professional training to master the structure, basic principles, operation control and maintenance methods of the pile drivers they control. They can actually operate with a work permit.

2. The power system, hoist, hydraulic control valve, electrical equipment, etc. equipped with the pile driver should be operated in accordance with its operating procedures.

3. The circuit failure of the pile driver needs to be solved by the welder.

4. The test run, assembly, disassembly and haulage of the pile driver should strictly abide by the relevant regulations.

5. In severe weather such as thunder, rain, snow, fog and wind above level 6, stop working. Put it down. The pile driver must be protected against lightning. In case of lightning, personnel must avoid pile driving.

6. Before the operation of the hydraulic pile driver, it should be run dry first, and it can only work after it is confirmed that the conditions of each part are normal.

7. If you use a pile clamp, you must first clamp the pile and then work. Do not loosen the pile clamp during work. When terminating the work, you must first stop the vibration of the vibratory hammer, and then release the pile clamp.

8. When assembling the vibratory hammer, the vibratory hammer must be transported within 2mm directly in front of the pile frame.

9. The pile driver moves and turns, and there must be a special command for the pile position.

10. The rotary braking of the pile driver should be slow, and the continuous operation in the same direction should be less than one week.

11. Operations such as hoisting vibratory hammers, hoisting materials, hoisting piles, walking and turning, etc., it is forbidden to perform multiple actions simultaneously.

12. It is forbidden to overload the hydraulic pile driver lift.