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What aspects are related to the reduction of the working efficiency of the hydraulic pile driver?

existhydraulic pile driverDuring the piling operation, the operator will find that the piling speed of the pile driver has slowed down. What's going on? But this has nothing to do with the actual operation, but the speed of the pile driver itself has slowed down. How to solve this situation? , let us have a look at the actual explanation.

If the hydraulic oil is tested at high temperature, it will increase mechanical wear and vibration. In addition, the air bubbles will also increase the contact area between the oil and the air, and accelerate the oxidation of the oil. Because the hydraulic oil radiator is outside the radiator of the engine radiator, the hydraulic oil Heat dissipation. Under the influence of the intake of the engine fan at high temperature, the temperature of the internal antifreeze will continue to rise, resulting in abnormal heat dissipation and high temperature of the engine, which makes the vehicle speed much slower. The owner caused great economic losses.

hydraulic pile driver

Due to various factors such as temperature difference between morning and evening, terrain and climate, the hot air in the hydraulic oil tank turns into water droplets after cooling, so it is difficult to avoid moisture. Under the action of moisture formaldehyde, it will oxidize to form acidic substances, resulting in metal corrosion and corrosion. Rust, Harm the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic pile driver needs to be replaced regularly. A small amount of air cannon will continue to be added to the oil to oxidize the quality of the oil. After the hydraulic oil is oxidized, acidic substances will be generated, which will increase the corrosion of the metal, and sludge will be precipitated after rusting. Foreign matter will Block the hydraulic oil filter element, the hydraulic oil radiator and the small oil circuit valve gap on the distributor.