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Key performance characteristics of car tearing pliers

The grinding system of the dismantling pliers adopts Z-shaped steel, which has the advantages of high wear resistance, light weight, and large opening.

The relatively stable properties of the oil give extra impetus to its operation under various conditions.

Demolition equipment (initial demolition) is only the Y step in building demolition. In the initial demolition stage, large recyclable concrete needs to be rolled to make the debris easier to carry and transport.

In the concrete crushing work, crushing is a crucial use, and it is an ideal tool. The crushed stones crushed by the car breaker can be directly recycled as building materials, and the steel bars can also be kept intact and can be used again. road construction materials.

Fixed crushing can be applied to secondary blasting projects, and can also be used for recycling concrete materials.

Before using the car demolition scissors, the relevant person in charge must avoid the construction site to ensure the integrity of the work. Before use, it is also necessary to check whether the demolished materials are hazardous. Flammable and explosive materials, to avoid safety hazards during the demolition process. Accidents. When cutting hard metals such as trains and crane tracks, the cutting edge wear speed and excavator hydraulic shearing speed should be increased. Therefore, before operation, the correct method must be followed. Before all inclusions are clear, the Perform any demolition work on the corresponding facility.

If the car dismantling pliers machine in use is used abnormally, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. Do not put all parts of the body into other rotating positions to avoid accidents. Relevant operators of car dismantling shears should be familiar with the structure and characteristics of the equipment, Use specifications, etc. Before operation, check the important parts of the car dismantling shears separately, keep the details of the site and the surrounding environment clean, and the wires are well insulated. In addition, the staff should check the sharp edges of the car dismantling shears every day. Once the edges are found to be passivated, they should Replace in time.