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Safety precautions for hydraulic pile driver operation

Pile drivers can often be seen on the construction site. For such large-scale machinery and equipment, there are many requirements during operation, not only to ensure the normal operation of the machinery and equipment, but also to ensure the safety of the operators. Hydraulic pressure Some special safety precautions for pile drivers at the level of safe operation procedures.

1. The power system, crane, hydraulic control valve and electrical equipment of the pile driver should be controlled according to its manual.

2. Operators should go through professional learning and training to understand the performance, structure, use and maintenance methods of the piling machine they are controlling, and they can only operate it after they have a work permit.

3. Before operation, you should fully understand the surrounding environment of the work site, housing construction and geological conditions.

4. The assembly, test run and disassembly of the hydraulic pile driver should follow the procedures specified in the manual.

5. In case of extreme weather such as strong wind or heavy rain, heavy snow and heavy fog above level 6, the work should be stopped. When the wind force exceeds level 7, the pile driver should first stop with the wind direction, learn to put down the diesel hammer, and add anti If necessary, lay the pile frame flat. The pile driver should have lightning protection, and personnel must avoid the pile driver in case of lightning.

6. The wire rope should be fixed with a wedge-shaped joint corresponding to the diameter of the steel bar, a pressure plate, a rope clamp, a pressed joint or a braided insert. When the steel wire rope is fixed with a braided insert, the length of the braided part should not be less than 20 times the diameter of the steel bar. If it is less than 300mm, the braiding part should be bound with thin steel wires. When using rope clips for fastening, the number of rope clips should not be less than 3, and the number of rope clips is related to the diameter of the steel bar; the distance between the rope clips should not be less than 6 times the diameter of the steel bar. The distance between the head and the last rope clamp is not less than 140mm, and it should be tied with thin steel wire; the rope clamp seat should be placed on the side where the steel wire rope is stressed when it is working, and the U-shaped bolt is buckled at the tail end of the steel wire rope, and it is not suitable to be arranged in a staggered manner. Rope clamp, after the steel wire rope is stressed, tighten it again.

7. When installing the diesel hammer, the diesel hammer should be transported to within 2m in front of the guide of the pile frame column.

8. When working at heights, the operator should wear a safety belt.

9. When the hydraulic pile driver is running, no one is allowed to enter under the raised diesel hammer.