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Points to note when purchasing a hydraulic pile driver

How to choose a hammering hydraulic pile driver? Troubled every buyer of the pile driver, and now the manufacturer of the hammering hydraulic pile driver, Heavy Industry, the manufacturer of the hammering hydraulic pile driver, expounded the following aspects on the matters that need to be paid attention to during the purchase process :

First of all, choose the model that suits you according to your own situation, know what you are doing, what you will do, and which pile types will be covered by the projects you need to do in the future, and choose the model with the right drilling capacity according to our construction industry;

Secondly, it is necessary to focus on comparing parameters such as the rotary torque of different manufacturers, the weight of the drilling rig and the lifting capacity of the main winch; carefully analyze the cost-effectiveness of the hammer hydraulic pile driver, and list the models, parameters, and prices of these pile drivers from these manufacturers. After-sales maintenance services, etc., are compared one by one.

Secondly, carry out mobile phone inquiry and purchase for such manufacturers, and through WeChat communication, you can know which manufacturers are relatively complete and professional, and select three of them for subsequent comparisons.

Users should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing hammer hydraulic pile drivers:

1. The reliability of the whole machine? The reliability is determined by the weight of the whole machine and the overall design of the whole machine. Since the structural design of the screw pile machine is roughly the same, the greater the weight of the whole machine within a specific range, the more reliable it will be. big.

2. The flexibility of the whole machine? After buying it, it must be used for work, not for exhibition in the house. Therefore, the greater the flexibility of the whole machine, the faster the foundation engineering will be done. That is, the greater the efficiency .What determines the flexibility of the whole machine? The power head and the pile driver site interfere with the flexibility of the whole machine. The performance of the power head and whether the chassis structure design is reasonable are the keys to interfering with the flexibility.

3. After-sales maintenance service for hydraulic pile drivers? Any machinery manufacturing company and manufacturer dare not ensure that their mechanical equipment will not fail (man-made and normal damage). Once a problem occurs with such a large-scale machinery, the customer will suffer a lot. Interfering with the customer's construction progress. Therefore, the company's after-sales maintenance service is also a key consideration for customers.