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Construction technology and method of hydraulic hammer of hydraulic pile driver

The hydraulic hammer of the hydraulic pile driver is a kind of industrial equipment. It impacts the anvil iron through its own hammer core, and transmits the impact force to the pile body to realize the penetration of the pile body. The hydraulic hammer of the pile driver has high working efficiency, less pollution, high work efficiency, and is suitable for construction Good performance. This method has a simple structure of the hydraulic hammer of the pile driver and a clear modular design, which is conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of various modules.

The hydraulic hammer of the pile driver has a high energy density, and the drill bit can be completely sealed in the shell. Therefore, in heavy foundation engineering and underwater construction, it is conducive to large-scale, super-large-scale development and has irreplaceable advantages in diving operations. With the ocean With the rapid development of development projects, deep-sea oil exploration projects, large-scale port and deep-water wharf projects, large-scale roads, railway bridge projects, underground projects and multi-storey construction projects, the research and development of hydraulic hammer products has a higher significance.

A hydraulic pile driver that can work alone is generally composed of three parts: self-propelled chassis, pile frame and pile hammer. The self-propelled chassis is divided into crawler type and walking type according to the walking method. Pile hammer can be divided into vibratory hammer and pile hammer. Impact hammer. According to the difference of the medium, the impact hammer can be divided into drop hammer, steam hammer, air hammer, diesel hammer and hydraulic hammer. Pile driver hydraulic hammer also has two types: free fall impact and accelerated fall impact.

Hydraulic pile driver hydraulic hammer is a kind of construction machinery widely used in building foundation construction. In recent years, hydraulic pile driver has flourished, and the impact force can be selected according to the soil conditions and pile strength to ensure the full use of impact energy , does not damage the pile body, and the pile cushion can be saved during the construction process; the hydraulic hammer of the pile driver is especially for the construction of left inclined piles and underwater pile foundations, so the hydraulic hammer of the pile driver will not be soft.

With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the hydraulic hammer of the pile driver is subject to great restrictions. The hydraulic hammer of the pile driver is a new type of piling equipment, which effectively solves the defects of the pile hammer. People all over the world are diligently developing the hydraulic pile hammer, the pile driver Hydraulic hammer has become the development direction of piling equipment.

The engineering target of the hydraulic hammer of the pile driver is generally prefabricated piles, including prefabricated reinforced concrete piles, steel pipe piles, H-shaped steel, etc. Prefabricated reinforced concrete piles are widely used in building foundation projects, including industrial plants, high-rise buildings and large bridges. Steel pipe piles Mainly used in infrastructure such as large factories, multi-storey buildings, deep-water docks and offshore wind power generation. H-shaped steel is rolled by the factory and is suitable for soft soil layers. In addition to being used as building foundations, it can also be used as piles to support foundation pits. Pile driver hydraulic hammer is widely used in this construction industry.

The hydraulic hammer of the hydraulic pile driver has the characteristics of good controllability, wide application range, high strike efficiency, low pollution, and low noise. The use of prefabricated piles in pile foundation construction is becoming more and more common, and the environmental impact assessment requirements are gradually improved. Large-scale engineering projects Investing in construction, especially the large-scale construction of marine technology (such as offshore wind power, offshore oil, cross-sea bridges, deep-water wharves, etc.), making prefabricated piles develop in a higher and deeper direction, and various elements are pile driver hydraulic pressure The application of the hammer has created a resource advantage. In different projects and environments, combining theory and construction experience, rationally selecting the model of hydraulic piling hammer that suits you, will further improve construction efficiency.