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Influencing factors of application of hydraulic pile driver

  hydraulic pile driverThe use of the operation requires the operating staff to use the operation method flexibly, and fully operate the specifications, structural characteristics and installation process of the new equipment, so as to ensure the normal operation process, sufficient low-speed gear, and some sudden failures immediately Low-speed gear can damage the equipment in low-speed gear and keep the equipment running in good condition.

However, the general operation steps in the operation process are obviously insufficient, and some elements of the operation steps should also pay attention to the following aspects at low speed:

1. The operation of the pile driver should be accelerated from low gear to high speed gear by gear.

2. The rotation speed has already been set after the machine, about 10 revolutions per minute. Do not adjust the rotation speed casually. If it is too fast, it will easily lead to unstable clamping of the support pile and cause dangerous accidents.

3. When the piling machine is running, there must be professional guidance. The guiding staff and the user staff should check the data signals of each other before operation. They should cooperate closely in the work.

4. When the pile is erected and lowered, first check whether the hoist drum is reliable, and then lift and lower the rack according to the procedures required in the instruction manual.

5. If you use a pile clamp, you must first clamp the pile before working, and do not loosen the pile clamp during work.

6. When sinking the pile, the flatness of the pile should be calibrated immediately. After the pile enters the soil 3M, it is forbidden to use the pile machine to move or rotate to calibrate the flatness of the pile.

7. For the pile frame pole that cannot be adjusted left and right, the front and rear of the adjustment pole should be tilted, and the left and right throwing support should be driven together.

The hydraulic pile driver adopts the hydraulic machine steering system, which is flexible to steer, and the hydraulic system is mainly used, which is convenient to use, high in efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. The excellent overall equipment characteristics can better achieve the desired working effect.