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Design of rotary table for hydraulic pile driver

The general hydraulic power head can complete the main operation and feeding operation, and there is an automatic workpiece to repeatedly push the prefabricated components.hydraulic pile driverIt is very simple. One variable speed transmission mechanism has various methods. The basic element is that the motor pulls one gear variable speed mechanism to complete boring, milling, drilling and other functions. Some have guide rails and can linearly move in a small area. The core technology of the hydraulic power head selected by the hydraulic pile driver is a full hydraulic rotary table. The driving force is driven by a 3-phase asynchronous motor to drive an axial plunger hydraulic pump. The high-pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump flows into each working equipment according to the control valve, driving Every working device works.

The advantages of full hydraulic rotary table and traditional rotary table reference:

1. The output torque is large, and it can effectively drill into the pebble layer, strong weathered rock layer and hard geological layer, which greatly expands the construction site of the hydraulic pile driver.

2. The rotary table can be started under load. In the process of drilling and piling, if the rotary table stops due to accidental circumstances, after the main pump motor is restarted, it can be started on load in the original area, which reduces the operator's control strength and is conducive to control. But other rotary tables are difficult to do.

3. The speed variability of the rotary table. The change of formation resistance is fed back to the hydraulic motor of the rotary table according to the system pressure, and the hydraulic motor control mechanism adjusts the displacement according to the pressure, so that the drilling can continue at an appropriate speed and the formation adaptability is strong.

4. The weight of the rotary table is greatly reduced compared with the reducer of the 3-ring rotary table, which reduces the shaking of the entire equipment when the hydraulic pile driver moves with the drill pipe. The effectiveness enhances the reliability of the entire equipment and ensures safe construction.

5. The rotary table and the whole equipment designed by the hydraulic pile driver adopt hydraulic transmission, which effectively reduces the mechanical vibration of the pile driver structure and can prolong the service life of the entire equipment construction frame.