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Today car disassembly machines have gradually replaced manual disassembly

A new type of coup is common on the market today to dismantle used cars. This method is to use a disassembled car disassembly machine for automated disassembly, which is different from the traditional manual disassembly. This dismantling coup has been applied in many large scrap car recycling and dismantling manufacturers. So, compared with manual disassembly, what are the significant advantages of using a disassembled car disassembler?

(1) Compared with manual disassembly, the scrap car disassembly machine has high working efficiency. It can disassemble 7 to 10 cars, buses or other large vehicles in an average of 25 minutes. If you are familiar with the operation, it will be more efficient.

(2) Dismantling of used cars greatly reduces the use of open flames in the traditional sense of manual disassembly, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of hidden dangers.


(3) Traditional manual dismantling requires a large number of workers to dismantle. The use of scrap car disassembly machine only requires one device and one operator, which greatly reduces labor costs and saves a lot of cost investment for manufacturers in operation.

(4) Disassembly methods such as electric welding and oxygen cutting are not used, and environmental pollution problems are significantly reduced. Some car disassembly machines can use electricity as power to achieve zero emission standards, which is also a strong guarantee for manufacturers to meet environmental protection standards.

Nowadays, the number of various domestic cars is constantly increasing, and the total number of used cars is also increasing. Under the trend of building a "conserving society" and accelerating the development of circular economy, the recycling of scrapped cars is the sustainable development of cities. It is an important part of the process, and automated disassembly is indispensable. It can replace manual disassembly. It is an important development direction and an indispensable part of the competitiveness of scrap car disassembly manufacturers.