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Introduction of car tongs to reduce fuel consumption and prevent bolts from loosening

1. Ways to reduce fuel consumption

The demolition pliers can be used to cut iron, steel, cans, pipes, etc. Demolition tongs have good performance and good cutting force. In its basic application scheme, it can be used for disassembly of scrapped vehicles, instead of manual operation, to improve disassembly efficiency. The scrap car crusher is mainly used for disassembling automobile body, starter, tire and other components to complete the entire process of mechanized disassembly, improve operation efficiency, reduce work intensity, and greatly reduce environmental pollution.

Because the demolition tongs are powered by the hydraulic system, it can achieve effective disassembly work, so if you want to truly exert its economic effects, you must master reasonable operating skills to greatly reduce fuel consumption.

During the disassembly operation, the use of car demolition tongs must be balanced and not over-pressured. This not only reduces fuel consumption, but also protects related components and improves work efficiency.


Reasonable disassembly planning according to different work items can also promote the smooth progress of the work, thereby greatly reducing the fuel consumption that is increased due to the time-consuming disassembly work.

In addition, the disassembly and shearing during the operation operation greatly reduces the resistance and can also reduce the fuel consumption. You should also try to avoid ineffective actions, where oil consumption is completely wasteful.

The use of good hydraulic oil can make the effect of the demolition tongs very good, and as long as the viscosity of the hydraulic oil meets the standard, the oil viscosity temperature index is not less than 90, and has good chemical resistance and hydrolysis stability Greatly reduce fuel consumption.

2.Methods to prevent bolts from loosening

Demolition tongs are a powerful assistant to realize the dismantling of scrapped vehicles, even the fracture of steel structures, scrapping and other projects. The design and innovation of the product have achieved the operation and good shear force, which is superior to the effect of ordinary shears.

Bolts are the key design for assembling the various parts of the demolition shears into a whole. The screw nut of the screw is fixed to the bearing surface of the screw head and has friction with the bearing surface of the connection structure. Therefore, in the case of small changes in static load and ambient temperature, the connection is self-locking without loosening.

In order to reduce or avoid the occurrence of accidents, inspection and fixing work must be done during the repair process of the demolition shears. Frequently used screw lock methods include friction lock, mechanical lock and long-term lock. Mechanical lock and friction lock are called movable locks, and long-term lock is called non-movable lock.

Friction lock is made up of gasket, lock nut and double screw nut. One side of the lock nut should be a non-circular or grooved radial seal. When the screw nut is tightened, the seal will expand, and the thread will be fixed by the tension of the seal. The anti-loosening design is simple and clear, the anti-loosening is stable, and it can be repeatedly disassembled without reducing the anti-loosening effect.