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What are the problems with the gears of the hydraulic pile driver?

The daily maintenance of the hydraulic pile driver is a big thing in everyone's mind. Some careful owners will also wipe their own pile driver every day to keep it in good condition every day. Routine maintenance is very good, but do you know if your maintenance is suitable? Today, I have selected a few of them with a high probability of failure. I will analyze these situations for everyone, and how to perform good maintenance for different situations.

1. The first gear and the reverse gear are all normal. The second gear has no driving force.

First check whether the speed stick of the hydraulic pile driver is in place. If it is not in place, adjust it again. Then check whether the speed regulating barometer is depressurized in the second gear. If the pressure is reduced, it must be checked whether the pressure field of the 8-shaped bearing end cover of the transmission is discharged by working pressure. If there is a leak, you can tighten the surrounding feet. bolt. If the method still can't eliminate the fault, you must remove the 8-shaped bearing end cover, and replace the o-ring seal and paper pad. At this time, if there is no overflow of working pressure oil, it is confirmed that the second-speed prefabricated component in the transmission is not good, and the second-speed prefabricated component must be removed. It is also necessary to check whether the external frame seal of the second gear is damaged, and then disassemble the prefabricated component of the second gear, remove the piston rod, and check whether the engine piston, the frame seal ring and the friction plate are damaged. Check whether the guide pin in the second gear hydraulic cylinder has fallen. If the guide pin falls, the working pressure oil in the second gear is drained from here, resulting in a reduction in the working pressure in the second gear and it is impossible to drive. For the sake of pressure reduction, remove the hydraulic seal or repair or replace the parts.


2. First gear, reverse gear is weak, second gear is slow

First check whether the working pressure indicated by the speed regulation barometer of the hydraulic pile driver is normal. If the working pressure exceeds 108KPa, increase the accelerator pedal to check whether the barometer needle is shaking; if it is shaking strongly, it is confirmed that the turbine oil in the transmission is too dirty or the remaining oil is not enough. Flat oil. If the oil is discharged, the fault is caused by the dirty oil, the transmission and filter element should be cleaned, and then the new oil should be replaced; if all the remaining oil is normal and the governor barometer indicates that everything is normal, the fault will be the transmission and the hydraulic torque The secondary transmission gear in the middle of the converter is broken, so that the driving force of the secondary transmission gear of the torque converter cannot be output, and only the driving force of the primary transmission gear can be output.

Solution: Disconnect the torque converter and transmission, and replace the damaged input secondary transmission gear.