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Today, talk about some common problems of hydraulic pile driver

The working pressure, boom, bucket and steering of the small and medium-sized pile driver are all normal, but it is still impossible to move forward and backward

First check whether there is little oil in the transmission of the hydraulic pile driver or whether the oil pipeline is blocked, and then check the oil pan of the transmission engine and the torque converter filter element. If metal material debris is found, it can be determined that parts in the overrunning clutch in the transmission are damaged. If aluminum slag appears in the oil pan of the transmission engine and the torque converter filter element, it can be determined that the parts inside the torque converter are damaged. At this time, be sure to disassemble and inspect the transmission and torque converter, and repair or replace the damaged parts. Clearing the above reasons, the car is still unable to drive, it can be clearly that the anchor bolts around the second-speed prefabricated component in the transmission are broken, or the intermediate shaft output transmission gear is dropped, and the driving force cannot be output.

Removal method: the 8-shaped bearing end cover of the transmission can be removed, the second-speed prefabricated component can be removed, and the broken anchor bolt can be replaced. This bolt material is 40Cr, and it needs to be heat treated. It can never be replaced by ordinary anchor bolts.


First gear drive is weak, everything else is normal

The first thing to check is whether the working pressure of the speedometer is lowered in the first gear. If the working pressure is below 98.1KPa, the first gear drive must be weak. The problem that causes this kind of situation is that the first gear engine piston is scratched or damaged too much, which causes excessive leakage of the working pressure oil, which makes the first gear drive weak. In addition, the o-ring seal outside the first gear hydraulic cylinder may be damaged , Causing a lot of working pressure oil leakage; if the failure is caused by the above problems, the gearbox must be lifted out, and the damaged engine piston and seal ring must be removed and replaced; It is very likely that the speed control lever is not adjusted in place, which makes the first gear drive weak, and the speed control lever should be adjusted again so that it reaches the prescribed position.

The engine is working normally, the spiral cannot be driven

First check the remaining oil limit switch valve and speed regulating pressure gauge of the hydraulic pile driver gearbox. If you find a lack of speed and torque oil, add new oil. But don't add too much, otherwise it will cause the governor to become hot, usually add it to the limit switch valve to discharge the oil. Then check whether the boom can take off and land and whether it can be steered. If the boom can take off and land, it can also steer, but the small pile driver cannot run, which is caused by the low oil damage of the governor pump. The boom cannot take off and land, nor can it steer, and the loader cannot travel. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the bolts of the torque converter's steel plate being cut off or the elastic plate cracking. The diesel engine and gearbox must be lifted out together, and then the connection part of the diesel engine of the torque converter is removed, the damaged part is identified, and the damaged part is replaced or repaired.