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How to do the maintenance work of hydraulic steel grab

As the market share of hydraulic steel grabbers in China continues to soar, whether in the field of earthwork backfilling or wood loading and unloading, the regional ownership of this type of wheel excavator steel grabber has also shown a trend of saturation, basically all relevant fields. Metropolis has many closely related to it, but as a construction machinery and equipment, grab steel machine to better benefit yourself, how to do daily maintenance?

Especially for some new friends, they are not too familiar with the steel grabber, and there is a vague concept about maintenance and maintenance. If you carefully observe it, it is not difficult to see that in every activity of the steel grabber There are always many small red covers at the joints. This is the filling mouth of the grease nipples. The grease nipples at each movable joint must be replenished daily. Of course, with the development of the convenience of mechanical equipment maintenance, many models have already been realized. The centralization of the grease mouth means that there is no need to butter each of the movable joints one by one. Instead, the irrigation mouth is concentrated in a certain place. This will prevent negligence and omission.


As the key to the driving force output of the hydraulic steel grabber, the diesel engine must of course be carefully protected. Every three hundred hours, oil replacement and sanqing maintenance are required (Sanqing: air filter, oil filter, gasoline filter), diesel engine The air filter is also cleaned once every ten days. This will ensure that the long-term high efficiency of the diesel engine is fully exerted and its service life is effectively extended. Of course, because many people use diesel engines to save costs, they are not added at regular gas stations. As long as the diesel case is inevitable, some precipitates and accumulation of impurities will inevitably occur, so it is necessary to clean the diesel case once a year.

Hydraulic oil is the key point of driving force transmission of hydraulic steel grabber. Its lubricity and smoothness will directly affect the efficient use of vehicle performance. Therefore, it must be replaced once every 1,500 hours to ensure The vehicle works with high efficiency, effectively alleviating the wear and tear of the connection position of each hydraulic cylinder. Most of the steel grabbers in the Chinese market are wheeled models, and the replacement of gears and tooth oil must also be paid attention to, because in the Chinese market there are still many challenges of extreme working conditions. Its gear and lubricant are reasonably replaced.

The above are the key points for the daily maintenance of the hydraulic steel grabbing machine for everyone. Of course, there are still some differences in the design concept and professional level of each brand model. The actual maintenance matters must be combined with your own purchase. Today ’s sharing is here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.