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Do you know any advantages of crushing tongs?

Crushing tongs are more familiar to everyone. It is a professional disassembly and assembly of concrete structures. It can also bend building steel bars and load them. It can also remove cement concrete building steel bars and even steel columns. The application of crushing tongs has been greatly reduced. Noise and vibration improve work efficiency. So what are the advantages of crushing tongs? The following editors take a look at everyone and hope to help everyone.

1. The crushing tongs can greatly reduce the investment of human resources, high work efficiency, control costs, reduce the occurrence of hidden safety hazards, can fill the gaps of other equipment at some levels, and can reduce construction noise and vibration during demolition events. Occurrence can guarantee a high degree of precision in some unique needs or standardized demolition or detachment work.


2. The basic principle of the installation of the crushing pliers is basically the same as the installation principle of the silent breaker. It is necessary to connect the pin hole of the hydraulic crushing pliers to the pin hole of the front of the excavator, and then connect the pipe on the excavator and the hydraulic crushing pliers. The installation is almost complete, so that the crushing work can be performed.

3. The design of the fuel pipe of the crushing clamp should not only enhance the working efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder, but also be convenient for disassembly and maintenance. The fuel pipe of the crushing clamp can be used in common with the crushing hammer, which can realize a variety of excavators. Diverse application functions; In addition, important components such as the hydraulic cylinder of the crushing tong need to be equipped with protection equipment to prevent the construction steel concrete from splashing into the hydraulic cylinder or damaging the hydraulic cylinder during the work application process.

4. The raw materials of the crushing tongs are thoroughly studied: the use of high-toughness light stainless steel plates, high toughness and wear resistance; unique processing links: through the scientific research of most housing construction and its engineering construction experience, the crushing tongs If the jaw teeth are made into a unique shape, they can quickly break the building, but the key component parts need to be strengthened to resist wear.

The above is what I want to introduce to everyone, hoping to help everyone. And if you want to be familiar with the crushing tongs, please continue to pay attention to us, we will provide you with professional services.