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The intermittent causes and solutions of the impact crushing force of the silent breaker

Because the mute breaker piston rod repeatedly moves to do work, it outputs impact performance to do a good job. The extreme working environment prompts abnormalities in the hydraulic impactor, which greatly affects the progress of the project. Professionals have comprehensively introduced the problems often encountered in the application of hydraulic breakers for everyone, and analyzed the reasons for the problems. And the solution of the problem is clearly put forward. The most common problems of the silent breaker are the impactor not impacting, the impactor being impactable but reducing the impact force, the piston moving but not impacting, the frequency of impact is low, the impact is weak, the breaker rod is damaged, etc. Non-impact or intermittent impact conditions are more common. This article analyzes this in depth and clearly proposes a complete set of solutions, hoping to have some enlightenment for everyone. There are generally three types of non-impact or impact discontinuities. Let's look at the specifics below:


The first condition is that there is not enough pressure oil flowing into the impactor without impact. The key reason is that the pipeline is blocked or damaged or there is not enough hydraulic oil;

The countermeasures are:

(1) Inspect or repair rubber hoses or replace them;

(2) Check the fuel supply system.

The second type is the condition where there is sufficient pressure oil, but the impactor is not impacted. The key reasons are:

(1) The oil pipe is incorrectly inserted;

(2) The working pressure is less than the standard value;

(3) the piston rod is stuck;

(4) The hydraulic reversing spool is stuck;

(5) The stop valve is not open;

(6) The nitrogen working pressure of the accumulator or nitrogen chamber is too high;

(7) The oil temperature is higher than 80 degrees.

The key solutions are:

(1) Correction;

(2) adjust the working pressure of the system;

(3) Is it convenient to push and pull the piston rod by hand? If the piston rod cannot move easily, the piston rod and the guide sleeve are scratched, and the guide sleeve should be replaced, if possible, the piston rod should also be replaced;

(4) Remove the valve core for cleaning and maintenance;

(5) Open the shut-off valve;

(6) Adjust the nitrogen working pressure of the accumulator or nitrogen chamber;

(7) Check the refrigeration system and reduce the oil temperature to the operating temperature.

The third type is reciprocating but not impact. This phenomenon is relatively easy, the key reason is that the mute hammer drill rod is stuck, the drill rod can be removed and repaired with sand wheels or oil stones.