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Some problems and maintenance methods that Yingzui hydraulic shears may encounter

The eagle mouth hydraulic shear is like a mouth, but this mouth can bite many hard materials, such as it can bite metal composite materials and other metal materials. Hydraulic shears are mainly used to cut materials such as block metal composites and plastics. Hydraulic shears for excavators can cut a variety of thin metal composite materials and are widely used in engineering construction, ships, automobiles, power engineering and other fields. In the adoption of excavator hydraulic shears, I sometimes encounter a stuck situation, how to solve it? How to adjust the blade gap of the hydraulic shears? How to maintain hydraulic shears?

1. During the working process of the hydraulic cutter, there will always be various problems. For example, when you encounter the problem of jamming, you can try to loosen the screw on the side knife of the hydraulic cutter, and then Remove the item stuck in the knife edge. In addition, the height of the cutting edge of the hydraulic shears of the excavator is different, which will also cause the problem of jamming. At this time, it is necessary to move the grinding surface and add appropriate oil. Care should be taken when cutting metal composite materials, only metal composite materials within the scope of cutting capacity.


2. The clearance of the blade of the hydraulic shears directly affects the quality of the cutting and prolongs the use of the blades. In order to make better use of the shears, everyone will talk about the adjustment of the clearance of the blades of the hydraulic shear Methods and precautions:

Specific method: One stroke shall prevail. When the upper and lower racks travel to the lower fixed point, quickly rotate the ball valve to shut off the oil passage and stop the upper tool rest at the lower fixed point. Then a small number of ball valves are opened and closed again, so that the upper knife holder is raised step by step over the full stroke, and then the uniformity of the knife gap can be accurately measured step by step.

① When adjusting the clearance, loosen the tightening screw temporarily, then rotate the rocker to the required scale value, and then tighten the screw. The ball valve is used to accurately measure the precision of the clearance between the upper and lower blades.

② Introduce lubricating grease at each lubrication position. Add L-HL46 mechanical oil to the fuel tank. If abnormal noise is found or the temperature of the fuel tank is too high, stop and inspect it first. The high temperature of the fuel tank does not exceed sixty degrees.

③ Turn on the hydraulic shearing machine and make multiple cycles. After ensuring that there are no abnormal conditions, try cutting different thin and thick plates (from thin to thick). During the cutting process, turn on the pressure gauge switch and observe the oil channel pressure value. If there is an abnormality, adjust the speed regulating valve to meet the requirements.

3. In order to ensure the excellent working efficiency and service life of Yingzui hydraulic shears, maintenance work is indispensable.

① When operating the hydraulic shears of an excavator, it is necessary to strictly implement the safety operation regulations.

② Before using the hydraulic shears, check the equipment and add grease at fixed points and quantitatively.

③ The lubrication oil in the motor bearing should be removed and added on time, and it is often checked whether the electrical part is working properly.

④ After the daily work of the hydraulic shears of the excavator is completed, the cleaning work must be done.