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What is the harm to the maintenance of some common mistakes in hydraulic pile drivers?

Since the winter, although most of the customers of piling machines in North China and the three northeastern provinces have already entered the "winter rest period", there are still some machinery and equipment struggling on the construction site. In the ultra-low temperature, the test of machinery and equipment will be more In the past, it was more stringent. In this case, how to better operate and maintain the machinery and equipment has become a difficult problem for every customer and operator. However, due to various reasons, many The operator does not understand the maintenance of the pile driver, and some of the usual habits usually have problems. In the long term, it usually causes harm to the machinery and equipment. Then during the winter construction, what are the problems with the maintenance of the hydraulic pile driver? ? What kind of harm will these incorrect maintenance habits cause to the pile driver?


Mistake 1: Draining too early or failing to release cooling circulating water. Severe hazards that can be caused: cracks appear when the diesel engine body expands or shrinks.

Run at idling speed before stopping the fire, wait until the temperature of the cooling circulating water drops below 60°C and the water does not become hot, then stop the fire and drain. If the cooling circulating water is drained too early, the body will suddenly shrink when the temperature is high and be corroded by strong cold air, and cracks will appear. When draining water, the residual water in the body should be completely drained to prevent it from freezing and expanding and causing the body to burst.

Mistake 2: Choose fuel at will. The serious hazards that can be caused: reduce the service life of diesel engines and increase the probability of damage.

The ultra-low temperature in winter makes the circulation of diesel worse, the viscosity becomes larger, and it is not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization, malignant combustion, and lowering the driving force and economic performance of diesel engines. Therefore, light diesel with low freezing point and good ignition performance index should be used in winter. Generally, it is stipulated that the freezing point of diesel engines should be 7-10℃ lower than the lowest local temperature at this stage.

Mistake 3: Start with an open flame. Severe hazards that can be caused: serious damage to the equipment, even to the diesel engine.

Do not take out the air filter element and ignite with pure cotton yarn soaked with diesel oil to make a firelighter and place it in the air inlet to start the combustion. In this way, during the starting process, the external soot gas will be directly sucked into the cylinder without being filtered, causing abnormal damage to the piston, cylinder and other parts, and also causing the diesel engine to work rough and endanger the equipment.

Mistake 4: Bake the engine oil pan with an open flame. Severe hazards that can be caused: serious damage to the equipment, even more serious damage to the equipment.

In order to prevent the automobile oil in the engine oil pan of the hydraulic pile driver from deteriorating or even burning, the lubrication performance is reduced or completely lacking, which will aggravate equipment damage. In winter, use low-freezing point automobile oil, and use the method of heating in the water bath outside the equipment to increase the temperature of the automobile oil during operation.

In addition, the water temperature sensor plays a key role in raising the temperature of the diesel engine when it is working. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the water temperature sensor is working properly before Lidong, and the invalid water temperature sensor should be replaced immediately.