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How to correctly save fuel during work

Car pliersIt is suitable for applications including steel frame structure cracking and waste steel solutions. It can cut iron materials, steel, tanks, pipelines, etc. The design scheme and independent innovation of the scissor shears ensure actual operation and excellent cutting speed, which is better than ordinary shears. In its basic application engineering projects, it can be used to disassemble and assemble waste cars to replace manual work and improve disassembly efficiency. The scrap car shredder is suitable for disassembling and disassembling components such as the car body, controller, and tires, and conducts a professional disassembly process to improve actual operation efficiency, reduce work intensity, and reduce environmental pollution.

Because the external hydraulic transmission system of the scissor provides oil pressure for the hydraulic cylinder, and thus obtains effective shear stress for disassembly work, the rational use of the scissor is not only reflected in how to maintain the excellent working performance of the machine and reduce the occurrence of failures. The actual operation staff should also grasp the reasonable fuel-saving operation method due to the cost loss.

First of all, in the application process of the dismantling pliers, the force should be evenly applied, and the pressure should not be over-charged. Not only can it reduce fuel consumption, but it can also maintain related components and improve work efficiency.


Effective overall planning of disassembly based on different work projects can also facilitate the smooth development of work, thereby reducing the problem of fuel consumption increase caused by the time spent on disassembly work.

In addition, reducing frictional resistance during the operation of the dismantling tongs also plays a role in reducing fuel consumption in disguise. Useless movements should also be minimized. The oil consumed by doing useless movements is completely extravagant and wasted.

Good use of oil not only makes the scissor performance better, but also reduces fuel consumption. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be moderate, and the viscosity-temperature index of the hydraulic oil should not be less than 90. A good hydraulic oil should have excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis. Response stability.