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Crushing tongs are mainly used for crushing hard objects and have high efficiency

In daily life, everyone often sees excavators at construction sitesCrushing pliers, The crushing forceps are used for crushing work and can use the crushing tooth movement of the upper jaw and the lower jaw to complete the task. It can crush large-sized stones with high compressive strength, which is very convenient and fast.

High efficiency: Compared with the excavator breaker, its working efficiency is increased by 2 to 3 times.

The main purpose is wide: it can quickly complete the separation of concrete and building steel bars, sheet metal bending, and reasonably improve the work efficiency. If the steel knot breaker is installed, it can also carry out the actual effect of concrete crushing and building steel bars. Very convenient and fast.


High degree of safety protection: It can easily complete the full-specialized practical operation method without the staff participating in dangerous work.

The rationality of the design scheme: the hydraulic cylinder and other vital parts are equipped with protectors to prevent the concrete structure from splashing the hydraulic cylinder during work.

Material attention: The crushing tongs are made of high-toughness and lightweight stainless steel plates, so they have very high abrasion resistance and compressive strength.

Unique treatment: Using scientific research on most domestic housing constructions, the unique shape of jaw teeth makes the crushing tongs faster, and the key parts are treated with enhanced wear resistance.

Low noise: The use of extrusion molding method reduces noise and vibration rationally, which is also consistent with environmental protection regulations. Therefore, the crushing tongs are also relatively ideal crushing tools.

Convenient maintenance: The use of advanced design schemes for fuel pipes can rationally reduce the work efficiency of high hydraulic cylinders, which also brings convenience to related disassembly and maintenance tasks, and fuel pipes can also be used with excavator breakers Children’s application, and then easily completed the practical effect of a multi-functional excavator.